Managed Networks


A managed network saves time, money and headache.

Network management can make up a large proportion of the IT costs in a business. Setting up the right network and managed services for your business plays a huge role in ensuring maximum up time and productivity.

We handle the management of your company’s internal network. This means that the management of initial configuration of the switches, routers and wireless access points (AP), management of hardware and software relevant to your internal network, maintenance and roll out of hardware, proactive monitoring, reporting on all technical issues and provision of support for your ongoing operations.

We also ensure adequate WIFI coverage so that all your devices stay connected.

Working remotely while still having access to the resources at the office is a must in today's hyper connected world. A Virtual Privite Networking (VPN) allows for just that.

We’ll consult with you every step of the way to gain an understanding both of your business needs and what you need to do, both now and in the future.

To esure you get best in class service we carry out on-site surveys to make sure that you get the infrastructure you need.

We not only install and manage your network but we will advise when and where improvements or updates need to be made so you can stay ahead of the game.

When it comes down to it we understand that cost plays a huge role in making sure your small or medium business can afford the service. We learn what your needs are and provide a solution that will ensure that you stay connected.

Most small managed networks (Router, Switch, VPN, and 2 APs) start at just $100 per month for 24 months installed.

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